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Solar FAQs

What is solar energy?

What are photovoltaic cells?

What are the different types of solar panels?

How many components are needed?

Is there any maintenance involved with solar panels?

How do solar panels generate electricity?

What types of agreements are required for solar energy?

Will my area get enough sunlight to generate solar energy?

Do solar panels work on cloudy days and/or shaded areas?

How can I use solar panels to power my house at night?

If I install solar will I need to stay connected to Cobb EMC’s system?

What if Cobb EMC experiences a power outage?

What is net metering?

Can I get a tax credit for a home solar system?

Where can I find a licensed contractor to install my solar panels or solar water heater?

What questions should I ask when choosing an installer?

Will Cobb EMC buy back any excess energy generated by my solar system?



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